Christine Remy

Christine Remy was born in the south of France in 1956.

She studied at the University d’Aix and Beaux Arts. In 1987 she began her career in the world of sculpture after working as a designer of contemporary jewelry.

"I have chosen to express myself using solid materials such as clay and bronze providing a determinedly figurative plasticity. Although pursuing my research into materials, I have no intention of rejecting my culture lying on the border between France and Italy, for this is an integral part of my memory."

"In this enclosed garden the noise of the world is far away, and here, with the subjectivity of Harlequin, I can recreate in my own way a poetic universe where life itself, smiling and light-hearted, is staged in the grace and fragility of human forms. Decked in flowing veils and finely chiselled brocades, they appear to move backward toward some slow and silent waltz."