Dany Jung

Born in 1941.

Between heaven and earth, between the fall and flight, Dany Jung cultivates a taste of imbalance in a polyphonic work made ​​drawings, sculptures and photographs. Trained as a graphic designer, Dany Jung enjoys and respects drawings.

Traveling abroad, bringing back wonderful books, mines of information on countries but also in the workshop where the earth sculptures take flight in an often improbable balance. It is an art to escape gravity.

Dany Jung plays and creates defies the universe with a sophistication, through that of a circle, acrobats and dancers, animal tamers, wrestlers .It is that of the movement par excellence.

The artist has a passion for challenge, an extremely safe technique, and especially the taste of light humor, the dream of a world as it should be, inhabited by enormous and light characters, animals finally issued any gravity, where the living unfolds as embodied in this motionless movement.