Kenneth Sloan

"For me, the primacy of painting is color. Color is the inspiration and the resolution."

"I am certain that is not a unique “philosophy” but I assume my approach to color is uniquely defined by my own aesthetic. For me, color is memory.  Color is music.  Color is heart.  Color is soul.  Color is intellect.
I agonize over the colors I create for each piece…like a musician searching for a sound that will resonate exactly as he or she wants it to. Colors (and combinations of colors) are tied to a person’s visual / sense memories in ways that I don’t think anyone can completely grasp."

"The actual process begins with transparent, semi transparent and opaque epoxy resin.  Both liquid and powdered pigments are used in the medium. When I pour the resin it looks like liquid.  When it dries, it still looks like liquid. Each color layer is allowed to fully cure before the next is applied.  The layers form a heavily textured puzzle-like appearance.  The viscosity of the medium can be manipulated with heat and the timing of the pour. I think of the finished pieces as fluid, liquid sculptures."

"The glassy transparent and semi-transparent layers allow the viewer to see the evolution of the piece.  Perhaps that is what defines my work…this sense that the history of the process is revealed in the final painting.  I believe the word pentimento applies.  I look at a finished piece and can see its roots, its evolution.  I can see the journey I have travelled in painting each image."